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NBC: 'Community's' Woeful Ratings Would Get It Canceled Elsewhere, But Not On N-B-C!


Fans need to remember that each show’s ratings, and thus its cancellation and renewal prospects are measured only against the other shows on the same network. Comparisons to shows on other networks are meaningless press release fodder when it comes to renewal or cancellation. Another way to think about it is that each network has its own cancellation bear.

On ABC, CBS or FOX, the woefully rated Community would have been canceled, probably long ago. But on the primetime trainwreck that is NBC it’s on its third season. The network, plus the fact that after four season’s worth of episodes it can be sold into syndication (and co-producer Sony has shown it will slash the fees to achieve that for a sitcom), means that even with cringe worthy ratings, Community is no worse than a “toss up”, and is probably a bit better than that.

Sometimes it’s good to be on a loser!

Well, that’s… encouraging? I’m not sure.

Please please please let this be true for Community!

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    Please please please let this be true for Community!
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